Two list articles dedicated to Knightmare have featured recently on Den of Geek.

The first was Knightmare's top 10 quest characters. It looked at a selection of the 80 or so dungeon inhabitants (also known as NPCs) who met dungeoneers during their quests. Written by Louise Mellor, the article includes official clips from the ITV Children's Classics channel on YouTube.

The second article was Knightmare's top 17 dungeoneer deaths. Also by Louise Mellor and illustrated with video clips, it covers some of the most memorable contestant demises from the 55 seen in Knightmare Series 1-8. Expect falling, mauling and fireballing; bumbling, crumbling and leftwards tumbling.

Previous Den of Geek articles that have mentioned Knightmare include 50 Most Terrifying TV Characters, top 50 80s kids' TV themes and, less expectedly, their interview with Rupert Grint.

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