Hilary Wardle has written about Knightmare for BuzzFeed.

The article, 36 Kids Who Had A Total Nightmare Playing "Knightmare", takes an amusing and animated look at - spoiler alert if you can't remember your 4 times table - 9 teams who met particularly unfortunate ends. Thank you to Hilary for a fine celebration of Knightmare's entertaining near-impossibility and for the hat tip to!

BuzzFeed UK's association with Knightmare has continued with another of its writers, Robyn Wilder. Alongside her fellow LUV & HAT founder Stuart Heritage (of looking-forward-to-CITV-Old-Skool-Weekend-Knightmare-repeats-but-not-so-keen-on-Spatz fame), Robyn took a turn as a Knightmare Live advisor at the Udderbelly on 6th June.

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