Jake Yapp's video 'BBC Election Night in 87 Seconds', made for Charlie Brooker's Election Wipe, mentions Knightmare.
As part of his walking, talking summary of the typical pattern of the BBC's television overnight coverage of elections, Jake describes Jeremy Vine as "playing Knightmare" in reference to the abiding use of chromakey backdrops and CGI. You can watch the video here on Jake's YouTube channel. (It didn't make it into Election Wipe itself.)
Jake's not alone in this comparison: it's been made by numerous social media users during previous elections, and the 2015 General Election saw dozens of tweets about it. Here at, we can't help thinking that the pathway of hexagons in Jeremy's "virtual Downing Street" does owe something to the causeways of Series 5 and 6 and the Hall of Choice also seen in Series 6 (here's an ITV video of it).
As a bonus for Knightmare fans, Jake's video was filmed at Bodiam Castle, which numbers among Knightmare's own filming locations.
With his incisive and very funny whistlestop segments about TV at its most formulaic, Jake is a regular contributor to Charlie Brooker's 'Wipe' programmes. These started of course with Screenwipe, in which Knightmare was once mentioned by Brooker himself, who described it as "groundbreaking". We have more information about that here.

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