Knightmare appeared in ITV drama Where The Heart Is, as TV within TV.

We've known about this for a while, thanks to a forum post by KnightmareDave (whose username is no red herring, as you'll soon see) back in 2002:

'Whilst supposedly revising ... I was watching the so-called daytime TV and repeats of original Where The Heart Is were on. In a clip where two nurses went to a house, two children were watching tv and there it was Series 6 of Knightmare [1992] where January was in front of the Dreadnort.'

Last month, Canadanne from our forum was able to identify the episode and take a screencap to prove it. She wrote:

'I just found it on ITV Player as it was recently repeated on ITV3 ... It's in Series 1 Episode 6 ('Dream', first aired on 11th May 1997) and the relevant scene is from 32:08 to 32:46, though you only see the TV screen for a couple of seconds at 32:26.'

Thank you to Dave for the original mention and to Canadanne for bringing back to the light this intriguing chapter in Knightmare's history. We hope you'll excuse us for waiting until this month to tell you. The dungeoneer really was named January.

Knightmare is said to have appeared in an episode of The Bill in a similar way.

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